I'm Julieta

Tech PR, Events & Partnerships Consultant. Hackathon maker. Employer Branding builder. Gamified hiring player.

Julieta Zalduendo

Who am I?

I'm a polyfascetic profile, truly.I can say about myself that I'm a very curious and creative person, detail-obsessed, and a little workaholic. My multitasking ability is one of my most loved and hated skills.I have an artistic background but nowadays I'm a businesswoman.I love challenges and connecting with people and certainly, I believe in the democratization of information to change the world and I work every day to give all more and better opportunities.

What I do?

I make events for techies. I started in 2019 making webinars and strategic alliances for a company, and I really reach my goals: I make more than 200 webinars with more than 15K attendants in two years!But I felt the necessity to move on and make my own way as a freelance event manager.Today, I'm a hackathon specialist, and I work in that development with My Tech Plan, my own company, and I'm an Event Manager in Hackathon Spain.My objective was to grow the tech community around My Tech Plan and continue with the amazing projects I'm working on, helping companies to find the best talent and better innovation ideas and giving to the people the opportunity to challenge their talent, make money and get top jobs.

Julieta Zalduendo

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